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Prevent Hair Loss & Promote Growth by Ditching Bad Habits

The average person loses about 40 to 200 hairs per day and excessive loss may cause baldness.

This problem may cause low self-esteem and unattractiveness.

Your daily routine can make a difference on how your hair grows. Simple acts like how you comb your hair and how you dry your hair with a towel can make a difference.

Treating your hair harshly or roughly can lead to unwanted breakage of hair. Like using strong chemicals extreme blow drying of hair; and we don’t want that to happen.

Pampering yourself also goes a long way; take time to relax and distress, while you’re at it give your hair a hot oil treatment.

Our hair is a part of our body and needs the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong; yes it is as simple as that.

Good hygiene plays a good role for your hair to be healthy and strong.

And if all that still fails, purchase a good quality wig until your real hair grows back to your satisfaction.

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